Valerie Ingold

Vice President


You could say my career in collections was inevitable, but as a young college kid I didn't see it that way. I started with CCC in 1998, part time, as a receptionist while I earned Photography and Art History degrees. I began making calls for our Outsource department shortly after that and went full time as an Outsource Specialist after college. I was promoted to Outsource Supervisor with responsibility for the day to day operations of the department and a few years later, to Outsource Manager. In 2013, I became a Vice President in the company. I am a Dale Carnegie graduate and I am active in the IACC and CLLA. Today, achieving the highest level of customer service in our industry is my passion. I work to grow our Outsource department daily and I love managing the people in my department. I travel regularly for the company and I delight in experiencing new places while meeting the people who drive us to greatness: our clients.