Features of the Service:

  • Choose between our 3 and 5 letter series
  • Choose to utilize CCC's verbiage or customize your own
  • Receive a printout at the completion of the service so you can measure your results
  • Option to place any accounts over $250.00 on our standard service.

No Commission...just one low charge per account

  • 5 Letter Series: $8.00
  • 3 Letter Series: $5.00

How the Service works:

  • Select any account under $750.00, mark S.B.S. on the invoice and send it to Commercial Collection.
  • We start the letter series and you get an acknowledgment at the same time.
  • Letters are geared toward payment coming directly to you. When you receive payment, just return the acknowledgment and our service stops.
  • If the customer contacts us, or if mail is returned, we will notify you.
  • At the end of the service, you receive a printout showing results.

NEW...Foreign Small Balance Service F.S.B.S.

Sell overseas? We can provide you with the above program in any foreign language you request and for only a fraction of what it may cost you if you handled the accounts yourself! (There is an additional postage charge for Foreign Collection Services)

1st - A final notice in your name - gives your customer a chance to respond and preserve good will

Final Collection Notice Number 1

Followed by - 4 messages in our name sent 10 days apart.

Debt Collection Notice Number 1

Debt Collection Notice Number 2

Debt Collection Notice Number 3

Debt Collection Notice Number 4

If you see this, do not fill out this input field