What is the Fred Factor?

We at Commercial Collection Corp. of NY are proud to practice the principles of the "Fred Factor". If you're asking yourself "What Is the Fred Factor"... we're delighted to introduce you to the international bestselling book by author and motivational speaker Mark Sanborn.


Fred Factor



 The "Fred Factor" emphasizes the simple things we can do to enhance not only our jobs but our personal life. It encourages you to appreciate and enjoy life more by not only helping yourself but everyone you come in contact with. "Who is Fred"...he is just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job as a postal worker. He is passionate about his job and making sure that he gives his customers the best service possible. Unfortunately, there are far too few Freds in the world. Each of us at CCC is striving to be a Fred and make a difference by showing real concern for others and giving our clients superior service and most importantly, doing it with a smile. We have all set goals for ourselves and practice the Fred Principles daily. If you notice someone at CCC that demonstrates these principles, tell us. We want to thank them for embracing the values of great customer care. As our customer, you deserve it.

Patricia Stelter

The Commercial Collection Corp. of NY, Inc.


For more information regarding the FRED FACTOR...go to www.fredfactor.com.