International Debt Collection

Worldwide Commercial Debt Collection

Since 1962, The Commercial Collection Corp. of NY, Inc. has been providing Superior Debt Collection services not only nationally but Worldwide.

One of the Key Factors in debt collections is PROFESSIONALISM. Our staff of experienced professionals works on an amicable resolution in a civil and legal manner. We utilize on-staff multilingual collection specialists, combined with the latest written and verbal translation technology to ensure that we're providing the best possible international service.  

Office Collaboration

Our intricate attorney network provides legal representation in every jurisdiction enhancing the international collection services.

Contingency Fee Basis

At the Commercial Collection Corporation of NY, we work on a contingency fee basis. This means that we're not paid just for our efforts. There is a fee charged ONLY when payment is received. If we recommend an account go to legal, we will advise you of the costs and let you make the decision. There are NEVER any hidden charges.

Our service is always focused on our client's needs. We can customize a service depending on YOUR requirements. Customer service is our top priority!

For more information on our International Collection Services, call our Client Relationship Team at 800-873-5212 or e-mail