Patricia Stelter



Patti began her career with CCC of NY in 1996 as a part-time employee in the data processing department.  Patti was easily identified as an innovative and dedicated employee and she was escalated quickly through the organization.  With successful leadership roles in IT and later accounting, Patti was promoted to Vice President/Corporate Controller in 2005.  Additionally, Patti was tasked with responsibilities to include human resources, corporate profitability, compliance, employee assistance resources, payroll, employee morale and corporate training.  In 2021 Patti was appointed President of CCC of NY.  Patti is a member of the ownership group and responsible for the day to day leadership of the organization.  Patti works closely with all department heads, the board of directors, the ownership group and all other stakeholders to ensure the continued growth and health of the organization and its workforce and to ensure that CCC of NY continues to deliver our clients the same excellent service we’ve built our success on since 1962.